What Are The Actual Numbers?

The total number of sales for April (the last complete month available), was 3,920, up (7% from April 2020. (All numbers are for April year over year). That was to be expected as April 2020 was ground zero for the national shutdown. The overall median price was $872,750, up 15.6%.

Single-family resale had sales of 2,549, up 108% and a median price of $988,500, up 19.1%.

Condos came in at1,097, up 90%, and price was $615,000, up 14.3%.

New home had just 274 sales, up 50%, and the only loss in price, down 6.6%. The average monthly payment jumped the most in a year going from an average of $3,432 to $3,744, about a $300 uptick.

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