Two Recent Headlines Should Be Of Interest To All Millennials…

Sunday March 17th, Jonathan Lansner wrote, “Rents Still Rising in Los Angeles, Orange Counties”,  according to the Consumer Price Index, try 5.9%.  This is way above inflation, and renters…you’re paying more for rent than owners are getting in appreciation.  That doesn’t seem fair!  That may have led to the second headline, even though it was published first on March 10th, when Beth Buczynski wrote for, “Buying home by age 35 pays off now and later.”  Perhaps you didn’t know that’s survey showed that for 82% of Millennials they spoke with, home buying is a priority.  And guess what, over half will look for multi-generational housing…larger homes where they can care for aging parents, have live in grandparent babysitters and return to hearth and home. 

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