Strongest Homeowners In The Future – Millennials

This seems like an obvious and safe bet since they are the next in line to enter the homeownership market as 25-40 year old. There are a few essential facts that couple with their growing participation in the home buying market that stand out according the economist Odeta Kushi’s First American Economic Insights 10/10/2022 article:


  • They represent the largest living adult generation;
  • Almost 38% have a bachelor’s degree or greater (compared to 32% of Gen X and 15% of Baby Boomers) by their 30x; and
  • They reached bachelor’s level faster (mid-20s) than Gen X (late 20s) and Boomers (mid-40s).

The higher education achievement is still paying dividends with higher median household incomes. $120,000 for Graduate Degree, $100,000 for Bachelor’s, $60,000 for High School, down to $35,000 for no High School diploma. 

The drags that have slowed millennials in buying homes aren’t insurmountable but have had their effect. 

  • Higher loans for significantly higher college costs;
  • High marriage rates are slowed in comparison to previous generations; as are
  • Delayed family formations.

The stronger median income will come in handy to accelerate the retirement of student debt for many of the millennials and provides optimism for the coming years of housing demand. 

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