Application & Processing

application mortgage brokerAs mortgage brokers with 25+ years of matching clients with the loans and lenders that best serve their needs, there is no funding situation that we haven’t seen. Finding the best solution to your home-buying needs is our specialty.

We have built working relationships with most lenders over the years and in many cases know the lending officers personally. We thoroughly prepare and walk our clients through the entire loan application and processing stage and keep them up to date with relevant information pertaining to their loan and specified lender.

We recommend strongly that all potential borrowers be proactive with their credit histories and financial documents compiled into an accessible file, sometimes called a “green file.” Rather than waiting a week or weeks while reports and statements trickle in, an organized dossier containing both originals and copies will expedite the entire loan process.


  • 2 years of W-2 forms from the employer, or 2 years of tax returns for those who are self-employed
  • 2 Recent pay stubs
  • 2 months of bank and money market statements
  • 2 months of Brokerage, mutual fund and retirement account statements
  • Proof of other income sources (alimony, trusts, rental income, etc.)
  • Drivers’ license or form of ID
  • Copies of visa or resident card (for non-US citizens)

Once the documentation is collected and the application completed and submitted, the lender usually sends paperwork to an underwriter. Underwriters examine and analyze all the data and ultimately determine creditworthiness and whether or not mortgages should be issued to the applicant. Your Premier Funding Network broker will be in frequent contact throughout the process.

No one enjoys filling out financial documents and loan applications. But with some proactive organization and a little help from a PFN mortgage broker, the whole process can be a smooth and efficient one.

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