Loan Process

loan processThe process of securing a mortgage loan can seem complicated. Your Premier Funding Network expert is different than most mortgage brokers. We are able to take the time to help borrowers through every step of the loan process. We are not limited to just a few cookie-cutter loans.


We partner with our clients to find the perfect fit for their home-buying needs and we keep our clients appraised of their progress throughout all stages of loan application and approval. In many cases our clients have been pre-approved and the loan process is eased and expedited accordingly.


Customer satisfaction is of primary importance to us because we look at our current clients as future clients as well. Our commitment to them has resulted in a high percentage of repeat business because they know that they can depend on our expertise to both guide and back them up throughout the loan process.

Lives change and move on to new challenges and goals and we hope to join you for the ride.

At Premier Funding Network, we want to be your lender for life, give us a call today at 714-283-9900.