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4 Tips For An Effective Offer

Recently this column focused on tips for selling; this month we look at buyers. 1) Understand how much you can afford. Don’t make an offer on something you won’t qualify for, wasting the time of the seller, and more importantly,...
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Why Do People Move To Other States?

This is a question that much vexes economists and prognosticators, trying to predict, depict, or describe rising fads or trends. Much money is spent on these predictions in the hopes of capturing the transferring money. So here goes…41% move because...
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Food For Thought Renting vs Purchasing

  Whether you rent or own…you’re paying a mortgage…it’s just that it may not be yours. How much sense does that make? Rents are escalating at such a rapid pace, that you may be better off purchasing a home and...
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Housing Appreciation Is Up All Over The Nation


Every state had rising home appreciation for 2016 except: Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska, Oklahoma, Vermont, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Delaware. Everywhere else, prices not only rose, but did so significantly. And this should make all Californians feel a little...
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Video: Why Brokers Are Better Than Banks

  There are many differences between a mortgage broker and a bank. Brokers offer you choices and are also your advocate. Wouldn’t you want a personal shopper who is looking out for your best interest? Watch this video and then...
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Affordability Remains Key Test for Southern California

Affordability remains key test for southern California. Southern California looms in a top, prominent, position when it comes to national statistics of affordability. However, income, which is not always correctly reported, also settles at the top of national rankings for...
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