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4 Tips For An Effective Offer

Recently this column focused on tips for selling; this month we look at buyers. 1) Understand how much you can afford. Don’t make an offer on something you won’t qualify for, wasting the time of the seller, and more importantly,...
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Food For Thought Renting vs Purchasing

  Whether you rent or own…you’re paying a mortgage…it’s just that it may not be yours. How much sense does that make? Rents are escalating at such a rapid pace, that you may be better off purchasing a home and...
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Video: Buy a Home With Just 1% Down

  Buying a home has never been easier! Watch this video and see how you can buy a home with as little as 1% Down Payment! Call Premier Funding Network at 714-283-9900 to get your new home financing started today....
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Video: Why Brokers Are Better Than Banks

  There are many differences between a mortgage broker and a bank. Brokers offer you choices and are also your advocate. Wouldn’t you want a personal shopper who is looking out for your best interest? Watch this video and then...
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Affordability Remains Key Test for Southern California

Affordability remains key test for southern California. Southern California looms in a top, prominent, position when it comes to national statistics of affordability. However, income, which is not always correctly reported, also settles at the top of national rankings for...
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10 Tips for a First-time Homebuyer

first-time home buyers

At Premier Funding Network we love being a part of the excitement and celebration that goes along with first-time homebuyers. As long-time mortgage brokers, we have handled every kind of mortgage loan and every kind of client. Sometimes in the...
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How Much of a Down Payment Do You Really Need ?

Down payment loan options

For many first-time homebuyers coming up with enough cash for a mortgage down payment can seem like an impossible goal. Lenders throw out the 20% number and a lot of home ownership dreams get pushed into the dream-deferred file. This...
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