What Were The Actual Numbers?

The total number of sales for June (the last complete month available) was 2,767 compared month over month with June 2021 (as are all figures) it was a negative 33.5%. The median price however still rose 13.9% to $1,025,000.

Single-family resale numbers declined 36% to 1,731 with a median price rise of 16.5% to $1,188,500.

Condo sales were down 31% and again a rise in the median price of 15.9% to $726,750.

New homes sold a dismal 212, down 20.6%, and a wild median price fluctuation of 44% to $1,463,750.

Monthly average payments made a leap, of course, to $5,206, up from 2021’s average of $3,826 for the same time period.

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