Top Tips For Readying Your House For Sale…

Yes, there are definitely things you can do that cost a minimum and could add as much as $10,000 to your net proceeds out of a home sale. Here are a few:

  • Give your entry way a facelift. How are the baseboards? Color of the walls, art work? clutter? It’s the first thing people notice once inside.
  • Curb appeal – Truly the first thing people notice. How is your landscaping, mowing. Need some color? And at night, up lighting is truly the way to go.
  • Windows must be clean. Believe it or not, if buyers see deferred maintenance for simple tasks, they sometimes wonder what else hasn’t been done that they can’t see.
  • Garage, the windows of the soul of a house. Clean it out and organize it.
  • Super clean your house, a deep cleaning, hire a great company to come do the dirty work.
  • Finally, and most important… de-clutter. You may love all your stuff, but buyers love their stuff and they are trying to imagine where they are going to put things if they were to buy your home. They need to be able to picture themselves living there, so they need a neat, clean, pallet with which to do that. Also, professional stagers are available and will doubtless be suggested to you. Make use of their input and take advantage of their professional opinions. It could make you thousands.