Three Reasons to Sell Now….


Unless you’ve been living on Mars the last couple of years, you know that we are in a fantastic sellers market. It won’t last, no matter how much we homeowners may wish it to last.

One, sellers should take advantage not only of having less competition and more demand, but also reason number two; qualified buyer traffic is at an all time high. Wages have risen, inflation has stayed low so purchasing power is as good as it will get for a while, and even though affordability is a challenge in the southland, there are many qualified buyers out there with the good credit scores to go with them.

Reason number three is many sellers do wish to move elsewhere and think they can’t. Recent statistics from Keeping Current Matters, show that 37% of homeowners believe they are in a 20% equity position on their home when in fact 78% of homeowners actually are in that position or better. A complimentary market analysis of your home can let you know where you truly stand.