Reasons To Sell Your Home This Holiday Season…

Buyer demand will stay strong for the holidays, unlike when there are plenty of houses for sale, you expect serious buyers to go away until after the holidays. Not so right now…they are looking and they are looking during the holidays for these reasons.

1)Less competition for you, but mainly for that buyer. They are looking forward to some of their competition taking the holidays off and maybe writing an offer that isn’t competing against 10 other offers.

2) Never a better time to move up. You need to sell first, right? Do it now because if you’re buying up, you’re buying more and you will want to take advantage of the low rates and help keep that monthly payment as low as possible. 

3) Homes usually show better during the holidays. That little extra decor and holiday feel– and you need to move on with your life. And remember, as soon as the new year starts, we come into the cycle of fresh homes hitting the market and increased competition for you and more distraction for that qualified buyer you are hoping to attract.