Why Do People Move To Other States?

This is a question that much vexes economists and prognosticators, trying to predict, depict, or describe rising fads or trends. Much money is spent on these predictions in the hopes of capturing the transferring money.

So here goes…41% move because of a job…52% (pay attention So Cal) for the weather…36% to be closer to family…25% for their health (also good for mild mannered So Cal)…18% closer to friends…16% closer to Significant Other.

On a related note to those pessimists that think that people only leave southern California amidst concerns of crime, crowding, pollution, and cost of living, refer to a great article in the OC Register remarking on where big OC salaries come from. Lots of purchasing power coming our way from Santa Clara County, New York City, Snohomish (Washington state), King County (Seattle), and San Francisco, just to name the top 5.