Home Loan funds fund payment for mortgage loans final step home loan processThis is always the best part of the loan process. What will one day seem like a short and easy journey, the home loan process will result in a significant and positive change in your life.

Once the documents are approved and the lender has agreed to fund or “close” your loan, your signature is all that is required. Signing your name and making the commitment will be your final step in making the dream of home ownership come true.

Once the final papers are signed, they are returned to the lender and within 24-48 hours the payment is transferred between financial companies and the funding is complete. As your broker, Premier Funding Network will confirm that all the electronic transfers are performed correctly. Your biggest concern will be how many friends you can bribe with pizza to show up on moving day.

A new sense of stability, community and accomplishment will grow out of your home purchase. As an established California mortgage broker, we have helped countless new homebuyers step into an improved and more satisfying stage in their lives.

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