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What Were The Actual Numbers?

The total number of sales was 1,635, which was down 50%! (All numbers are comparing May, the last full month available, 2020 and 2019). Single-family resales came in at 1,043, also off 50%. Condos had 427 closed sales down 54%,...
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The Market Is A Little Crazy

Tight Inventory, ever rising rents, killer interest rates, the market is really a little crzy! Tenants are struggling with 9 straight years of rent hikes, as we continue to have a housing crisis of epic proportions. That may sound dramatic,...
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Where To Retire?

This is an extremely personal decision, based on family, personal goals, likes, hobbies, etc. However, how much should economics play in this decision? For some couples, it’s everything, because they have priced themselves out of California, even though they would...
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4 Tips For An Effective Offer

Recently this column focused on tips for selling; this month we look at buyers. 1) Understand how much you can afford. Don’t make an offer on something you won’t qualify for, wasting the time of the seller, and more importantly,...
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Video: Why Brokers Are Better Than Banks

  There are many differences between a mortgage broker and a bank. Brokers offer you choices and are also your advocate. Wouldn’t you want a personal shopper who is looking out for your best interest? Watch this video and then...
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