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What Are The Exact Numbers?

The total number of homes sold for January, the last complete month available, is 2,136 which is a 20% increase over the volume of 2019. Last winter the spring selling season started with a pretty blank slate until mid-March last...
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Beware of Frauds and Scams

No where is fraud and scams more prevalent than in real estate transactions. A seller or buyer should always verify wiring instructions via the telephone call, that they make themselves, not one that is made to them, unless they are...
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The Market Is A Little Crazy

Tight Inventory, ever rising rents, killer interest rates, the market is really a little crzy! Tenants are struggling with 9 straight years of rent hikes, as we continue to have a housing crisis of epic proportions. That may sound dramatic,...
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Signs You’re Ready To Buy A Home

1. Don’t assume you cannot 2. Rising rent fatigue – yet more of your income unpredictability.  3. Your credit score is cleaned up and has improved history.  4. You have managed debt and lower ratios of debt.  5. Tired of...
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Bet On Housing In 2020

It is hard to believe that housing prices will rise yet again in 2020, but that is exactly the prediction of Chapman’s Jim Doti and many other local economists. The culprit, if you wish to call it that, is once...
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Where To Retire?

This is an extremely personal decision, based on family, personal goals, likes, hobbies, etc. However, how much should economics play in this decision? For some couples, it’s everything, because they have priced themselves out of California, even though they would...
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