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Premier Funding Network stands apart in the mortgage loan business. For many years, we have built our company on a quality of service that most other loan originators do not offer. Our integrity, ease of process and attention to detail attracts both new home buyers and those interested in refinancing an existing loan from all over California.

We are proud to take an almost old-fashioned approach to client relationships. We are interested in getting to know our customers personally and we want them to know us.  Our genuine concern for client satisfaction often results in a partnership that lasts a lifetime.


It’s different working with brokers as opposed to bankers. As mortgage brokers we aren’t tied to one specific product or loan type. We have the freedom to choose from many different products and our clients can rely on our advice and guidance to match the right loan to the right borrower.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not a boiler-room corporation. There are no quotas or ticking clocks. We know that there is nothing worse than getting the wrong loan and that the best rate isn’t always the best loan. There are many different kinds of home buyers and many different kinds of loans to accommodate them. 

Closing your escrow is our top priority and we have a near perfect success rate which is far above industry standards. We keep a close eye, not just on the ever-shifting financial climate and new specialized loan products, but also on housing tends and long-term quality of life issues.

We take everything into consideration in order to present the best options to our clients and our track record with customer satisfaction is equally unparalleled.  This is how we grow together.


We want to build a relationship with you that leads to a lifetime of service. You will likely need another home loan someday in the future, and we want to be the company you call. We earn your trust from the beginning by providing you with excellent service, ensuring your satisfaction and being accessible long after the deal is done. At Premier Funding Network, we always have your future in mind, because we want nothing more than to be a part of it. 

Why not partner up with an experienced mortgage broker who will work as hard at creating the right loan as you worked at finding the right home?

Whether you’re interested in financing your first condo or single family home or stepping up to a larger dream house, Premier Funding Network will evaluate all of the mortgage possibilities available and help you to choose the one that is tailor-fit to your unique needs.

Call the Premier Funding Network Mortgage Loan Specialists at 714-283-9900 to Speak with a Senior Loan Consultant and Get Started Today!