9 Trends To Watch In 2017

An article in the OC Register by Jonathan Lansner had some great insights into 2017. In case you missed the article, it specifically targeted these timely topics:

1) Luxury homes…never any rhyme or reason.
2) Prices – one interpretation, record highs don’t necessary mean highest.
3) Affordability – A challenge in any bull market, but there are more well paying jobs than you think.
4) Supply – the true Achilles heel.
5) Real Estate jobs – Are we at that threshold?
6) Rents – they rose 3.9% in 2015 and 4.9% in 2016. Any guesses for 2017?
7) New Homes – pricier, less lot, but product is catching up.
8) Bargain Hunters – We have to have entry level…could be the crack.
9) Home Sales – Buyers bought 37,874 homes last year. Hot. Hot. Hot.