675,000 Homeowners Regained Equity Positions In Their Homes In 2017…

This is good news indeed as more and more of the country recoups their footing in their home. Much of Orange County were in good positions of gain from 2013 forward, but the Inland Empire and other California counties have taken much longer. It is interesting to look at overall appreciation by state. It may be harder to buy in Southern California, but once you do, you will make more onyour home towards you next home or retirement, or whateveryour goals, than in almost any other state.

Many Californians think they may find relief in buying in another state; but if you go to one that carries a little of the California vibe, it may be almost as pricey without the same pay for the same job here in the southland. For example, California appreciation has been 57%, while Colorado, a state those who exit flock to, comes in at 51%. You may go to Kansas and get that slow down pace you want, but your new home state boasts just 22%. (These are 5 year averages). Oklahoma has just 12%, Iowa 17%, and if you want to keep the nice weather and you’re thinking Nevada for affordability, they came in at 66%. It’s all kind of interest and food for thought.