4 Reasons To Own Your Home

  Let’s take a look at why?

1) Owning your home offers stability to start and raise your family. It gives you control on location, schools and other amenities important to you.

2) No place like home. There is a feeling of permanence that a rental can never give. Never knowing when your landlord may decide to sell or terminate your lease.

3) There is more space. Maybe this isn’t true with a starter home, although usually that first move from an apartment to a condo still is a little bigger, but definitely with a move up home, possible through equity building, you will feel the benefit of a bigger home.

4) Control over renovations, updates, and style. Why rent a home that is Southwestern , when you like modern? What if the kitchen is dated after 5 years and you want it updated? A landlord is not likely to agree, or to renovate to your specifications. It is wonderful to decorate and do paint, floors and bathrooms to your tastes.

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